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These are the terms of utilization appropriate to occasions and should be perused with our general terms of utilization.
In these terms, where we mention “coordinator” we are making reference to any occasion proprietor, coordinator or appropriately approved advertiser utilizing our administrations to make occasions showed on our site for buyers utilizing our administrations to devour data about, and also go to the occasion. All coordinators, customers and outsiders utilizing our administrations are completely alluded to on the whole as “clients,” “you” or “your”. Where we allude to “work days” we allude to the entire days with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and public occasions in Zambia.
Samtickets isn’t the designer, coordinator or proprietor of occasions recorded on the site. We offer an assistance in form of a service, which permits coordinators to oversee tagging and to advance their occasions.
Any debate between a customer and a coordinator is between them as it were. Samtickets might attempt to intervene, at the end of the day it is the coordinator’s commitment to resolve the dispute.

Ticket Holders

Each ticket bought by means of our site is dependent upon the occasion explicit standards, agreements. These are set by the coordinator.
In no way do we own the event.
We don’t ensure the precision of occasion depictions, and we don’t decide or control ticket costs. We are not answerable for any error, inaccessibility, undoing or changes in valuing that might happen, nor for any abrogation’s or changes in the occasion. However, we are able to make changes to the event descriptions and artwork on the website based on a request from the client.
Since all exchanges are between a coordinator and its individual participants, Samtickets asks that all shoppers contact the material coordinator in case they are not happy with an occasion.

Retractions & Refunds

In an instance where an event is cancelled by the organizer, Samtickets will refund the customers their respective amounts paid (This may take from a few hours to a couple of days depending on how many tickets were sold out). In such an instance, the client is required to cover the transaction cost for all refunds made as follows;

  • For refunds sent to the customers mobile money wallet (i.e. Airtel, MTN, Zamtel Mobile Money), the transaction cost associated is K10 fixed charge.
  • For refunds sent to customers bank account, amounts below k2000 have a fixed charge of Amounts above K2000 have a minimum transaction charge of K50 plus 1% of the amount being sent and a max of K80.
  • For refunds sent to customers Sampay wallet, the transaction charge is 1% of the amount being sent and a max of K10.

Discounts & Promotions

Discounts and Promos must be advised by the coordinator.
Regardless of whether a customer is qualified for a discount in the pertinent conditions will rely upon the discount strategy of the occasion, which discount strategy is dictated by the event coordinator, and will be conveyed to customers during the ticket purchase process.
Any discount of a ticket cost will exclude the Samtickets booking fee (if the coordinator has chosen for demand this charge onto the ticket value), and you will be liable for any bank charges incurred in handling such discount. What’s more, Samtickets claims all authority to deduct its bonus from the discount payable to you, if Samtickets can’t sensibly recuperate such sum from the occasion coordinator for reasons unknown.
Regardless of a coordinator’s discount strategy, where reasonable narrative confirmation can be given in regard of a customer that such individual doesn’t have the option to go to an event on account of such individual’s demise or hospitalization, a full discount of the ticket cost will be given (less any bank charges, or Samtickets booking expense required on the cost of the ticket), gave the undoing notice is sent before the beginning of the occasion.
Discounts will be handled utilizing the very strategy for installment that was utilized to buy the tickets.
Discounts will not be given when event has commenced.

Purchasing an event ticket

Tickets bought by means of our site are offered to, or made by, the proprietor of the record used to make the purchase, not to the proprietor of the Visa or ledger used to pay for the ticket. Once payment is complete, an email containing the ticket is sent to the customer with a QR code and Ticket number which will be used for checking in at the event premises.

What we charge

Samtickets extends the following charges to the event organizer for every ticket sold;

  • For tickets K200 and below – Charge is K12 fixed charge.
  • For tickets that range between K200 to K1000 – Charge is 6%
  • For tickets K1000 and above – Charge associated is K60 fixed charge

The payments for every ticket that is bought on Samtickets settle in the Samtickets business account. After the event, this money is then transferred to the coordinator and is less the respective charges along with a reconciliation report.

Coordinator responsibilities

When creating an event, the coordinator must ensure that the event and information submitted meets all appropriate neighborhood, common, public and different laws, rules and guidelines, and that the labor and products or other data portrayed. 

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