Kumbululuka Kwa Bafana - "The flight for the children"

The Kumbululuka Kwa Bafana Program – which in Inyanga means “Flight For The Children” – is a  program that aims to get 500 under privileged children from various orphanages all over Zambia and sponsor them all for a free flight – with the support of all the Zambia Airforce.

Our Children will Understand that Nothing is Impossible if you Believe!

Contact Details
For more details, Contact the following:
Mobile: 0976 213493/ 0966 998007
Email: kumbululukakwabafana@gmail.com

A proudly Zambian Initiative where all Pilots from our National Airlines to Private Individual Airlines coming together as One.
One Zambia, One Nation.
“Better Lives for Our Children”

Date : 23rd July 2022
Time : 07:30 AM.

Check below for the packages & prices.

Sponsorship PAckages

DIAmond PAckage

* Sponsor will fly with children.
* Prominent logo on banner.
* 4 members of sponsor management team to attend.
* Reserved sits next to Airforce Commander & President

Platinum Package

* Place logo on banner
* 4 members of management team to attend

Gold package

* Place logo on banner
* 4 members of management team to attend

silver packagE

* Place logo on banner
* 2 members of management team to attend

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